Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Generally my childhood memories are lumped together in happiness and candy related moments but I have one very vivid memory. I am pretty sure I was about seven years old and I’m sitting in the front pew at church right next to my best friend. It had become a regular routine - every (at least it felt like it was every) Sunday I went over to her house for lunch and playtime after service was over but before you knew it - the afternoon was over and it was back home to go to bed for school the next day.

This particular Sunday I sat there and had a thought which made me very frustrated. “Why do I even go over to her house... before you know it, I’ll be headed home... going to bed... the fun-time will be over.” (obviously I was wise beyond my years)

Fast forward 20 years. Before I knew it... Here I am... The fun’s not over, but it’s definitely changed. Where did all that time go? Life moves way too fast.

I snapped this photo on my walk... Generally I notice graffiti and tagging here and there, but this one caught my eye (for obvious reasons). I was in this particular spot several weeks ago when I blogged about unrequited love... It’s fitting that someone returned to leave this message.


  1. nice post, I enjoyed reading it and it's funny how time can go so fast :)

  2. I LOVE that graffiti. If only more graffiti was uplifting.

  3. Oh, that is fitting-- I wonder if was related? I can't believe people who spray paint other peoples' property, but I have to admit that I actually enjoy it when it's well done, thought-provoking, and on "public" property.

  4. Love it..from the various colors of the gravel to the words, although I'm only on my first cup of coffee and it's way too early to have Brett michael's song stuck in my head!!!


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