Sunday, June 5, 2011

Thrifty Finds

Most of my weekend consisted of traipsing around in the blazing sun at one of our largest community garage sales (when I say community I don’t mean the Tillicum community... This was more like the upper middle class version of a garage sale. Basically all new stuff for a gal like me!). By the end of the day, Aloe Vera became my best friend (those pesky spots where the sunscreen did not quite reach are rejecting the idea of wearing any constricting clothing...)

I went with family and friends and came home with some pretty fun items. If I could furnish my house and all that is in it from garage sale/flea market finds I would be one happy girl.

Below: My “new” $10 (!!!) polaroid find. I love this little guy. It came in a complete set - full working order - although I haven’t actually put it to the test yet. Hopefully there will be plenty of those yet to come. (First photo below taken by husband)

Below: Not at all thrifted. But equally necessary. Also what my weekend has consisted of.


  1. That camera is a great find!

  2. I love thrifty finds! We had to put aloe vera on, too, after the wonderful day of sunshine last Saturday. :) In case you'd like to do anymore hunting for treasures, I saw that the city of Dupont is going to have a citywide yard sale on 6/18. :)

  3. Thanks!! And yes. I definitely have the 18th marked on my calendar... looking forward to all the things I couldn’t find at the Lake Tapps sale! Maybe I’ll see you out there. :)

  4. Thanx for these pics, Christina. The second one is my preferate. Past and future got married under your colors festival. Too much Klas !
    Max from The Old French World.


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