Saturday, June 4, 2011

When we get out

First off... these photos were not taken in Tillicum... but they are OF Tillicum people getting out on the town. (I know what you’re thinking... “who let us out?”... I’d ask the same thing. We should be able to screen the people who are let out into the “regular public” - that includes screening myself and the awkward things I do sometimes)
Anyhow. My husband has been trapped in the house for the past while doing schoolwork, so we finally got a chance to head out somewhere.

Our friend recently re-opened a great little coffee shop and this kind of atmosphere is right up our alley - filled with people who probably weren’t screened before they went out on the town. Just the way we like it.

We had a nice time soaking up some live music, good friends (both new and old) and great coffee.

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  1. Cool pictures. I had tons of fun hanging out with you there. Hope to go soon!


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