Saturday, July 30, 2011

Burnt Orange

Right. Perhaps I've been getting a little too literal lately, but I couldn't pass this up. The other day I saw something that made my mouth water. Do you pinterest? I stumbled across a photo of simply grilled carrots. Hello? I am NO chef... (see #17 to the left) and I'd never thought of grilling carrots. So simple. SO delicious. So I went home and tried it.

Mine were a little more "burnt orange" than I was hoping for - but the hubby loves him some bacon so I've been experimenting with bacon strips on the grill.... Hello... grease fire. So - it makes everything a little darker than I'd like - but don't let the color fool you. These were SO delicious. I ate them all. All by myself. (No one was going to fight me for them... carrots are "rabbit food") The recipe called for balsamic vinegar and wine and all that good stuff but I just used some butter and garlic salt. Yum.

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  1. Those look really good to me .. I like to roast vegetables at pretty high heat (not this time of year)....anyway the carrots come out looking just like that. I do usually use a little balsamic vinegar in the last few seconds. They usually only take about 10 or 15 minutes. (My husband would eat the carrots, but he'd want the bacon (or something else meat) as well!)

  2. I just discovered Pintrest a few days ago, and I am addicted to it! :) I love cooked carrots, I might try this too!.. I think I'll pin it to my board :) Thanks for sharing

  3. Sometimes the seemingly simple things are really more amazing than we can imagine! Burnt orange...Hmmm... The color of simplistic magnificence!

  4. ooo, I'll have to try these, we love all things roasted and everything seems better on the grill:)

  5. Sounds good. :)
    Thanks for linking up.


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