Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Whole Spectrum

Finally! I'm not gonna lie. I'm kind of glad this challenge is over. It was.... challenging. :)

When all is said and done though - I enjoyed searching out the "perfect" photo (although many of my favorite photos came on days that I was kind of "cheating") 

So - now that today is the 31st of July I thought I'd just recap some of my favorites from the past month! Thanks for following along! I'm glad to just get back to taking photos of whatever I want. :)

Happy photoblogging!


  1. Thanks for that brief look back. Interesting challenge.

  2. A full 24-pack of crayons...the best kind!

  3. You thought, you challenged and you won! Good job!

  4. I think all of you who do these chaallenges are dedicated to try them and I think you are talented to do so well at them. I've enjoyed your entries , but I also think it will be good to get back to whatever you feel like featuring.

  5. Wow, some really amazing shots, The colour on day 2 is just spectacular. Love the last three shots too!

  6. So many great images ... love them all :)

    Wish you a great week!



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