Friday, July 1, 2011

A World of Color: A New Challenge

Every once in a while I run aground... out of ideas... out of inspiration. I try (mostly) to take photos around my little neighborhood. But, when you are only given one square mile of inspiration it becomes difficult to feel moved to take a photograph. Thus - I needed some new ideas... a fresh take.

So - I’ve formed a new challenge for myself. A few months ago I was inspired by another CDP Blogger and have decided to take this on one day at a time for the month of July...

It’s a world of color out there and I feel like July is the perfect month to capture a different one every day.

I did realize how difficult this would be though when I was taking photos of the Crayola colors below. This box only has 24 inspirations... I need 31. So, we’ll see how this goes.

I chose this challenge and THEN realized that in the CDP community the theme day for June is Green! So... here’s color installment #1 of 31:

This is me with my right hand on the Bible - I solemnly swear to not doctor the photos in order to get the color I need for that day. I also promise to do my best to not have EVERY photo be a flower because I lack the inspiration for finding anything else of color!

Game on!


  1. Lol! I love your pledge! Good challenge (I did this when I ran out of inspiration too). It definitely helps you too look for new ways to represent color.

  2. Great idea... I have such a back log of photos I'd have to post for a very long time before I ever ran out... but then I don't limit myself to just my local community, I've chosen to post mostly local but to include the whole northwest... that broadens the limits just a bit! I'll be checking in to see what you're up to...

  3. Love these micros! Another way to make a search for color more fun is to give the color a tasty new name. So it isn't just green, it is lime-popsicle. Colors all have flavors, even if it is burnt sienna, which doesn't sound tasty at all.

  4. You could make lines on paper with some of the crayons or have broken crayons to help you make up the 31 images you need.

  5. Excellent challenge. I love the first shot.

  6. Oh my, what a creative and difficult challenge, over one month! You rocked it!! And absolutely gorgeous photos!


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