Thursday, June 30, 2011

Dandelions in a Vase

I used to listen to ska.... anyone remember that?


Well... there was a time when my sister’s 1970’s convertible plymouth valiant blasted The Supertones via tape-deck... Those were the good days.

Recently, I’ve been replaying pieces of the the following song from Five Iron Frenzy in my head. It’s been stuck there, I don’t know why, but I didn’t realize how much I needed it.

Fathomless Your endless mercy,
Weight I could not lift.
Where do I fit in this puzzle,
What good are these gifts?
Not a martyr, or a saint,
Scarcely can I struggle through.
All that I have ever wanted,
Was to give my best to You.

Lord, search my heart,
Create in me something clean.
You see flowers in these weeds.


  1. I need to listen to that song because those lyrics are great. And I love the first shot.

  2. I totally used to listen to ska. Ska was were it was at.

  3. Simplicity itself... but we could never create anything so intricate!

  4. Love the dandelion shot! I had never heard of the Supertones till last year when I moved to SoCal! Love them now


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