Wednesday, June 29, 2011


I need to get in the habit of forming habits... Generally, habits are something you want to try and break. Not for this girl. I need some consistency!

1. I need to get out and take regular photos (the ones below are originals - however, I need to go somewhere other than my back deck for inspiration - although the view IS inspiring!)

2. I need to cook dinner (The hubs and I sat down for some impromptu spaghetti last night and I said aloud... I’m not sure when we did this last. yikes.)

3. On that note... I need to buy groceries on a regular basis. The overly-softened pears and squishy cherries are no longer cutting it. Must buy fresh goods more than once monthly!

4. I need regular haircuts. My hair is a nest.

5. I need to read my Bible daily, without fail. I’m reading through Genesis and have to continuously re-read the passage before the one that I’m on.... This is who’s son? Who begat this person?... Maybe with some consistency I wouldn’t need to retrace my steps.

6. I need to stick to a budget. I blogged a bit ago about wanting more and thus getting rid of what we already have... Well... If we feel we can be responsible with more, we need to be responsible with what we’ve got. I told my husband that starting in July we’d make some “fiscal changes”. He nodded and agreed. I think we both knew that I was really just talking to me.

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  1. I'm completely with you - I need routine and I need consistency. Without it, I'm lost. Love these images.

  2. If that is the view from the back deck, I can see why it is so hard for you to get out more with the camera! I love that view!!

  3. If I had a view like that from my deck I would be taking photos there all the time - what a fabulous view it is.

  4. You remind me of number 5 I have to do it with hubby. Because I am always here in front of the pc I neglected our prayer life ^_^ Thanks!!

    See it?

  5. It seems I am aways writing a list of things I need to do. My next list is usually almost the same as the previous. Habits are HARD to form!

  6. I enjoyed your post and I love your photos. You are so blessed to have such a view from the back deck. Wow!


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