Saturday, July 2, 2011


I was excited for this post as soon as I took the photos. What a beautiful spot. I call parts of this blog “Ghetto meets Girl” because that’s just the kind of reputation Tillicum has - ghetto... You know that if you’ve been reading this blog. I’ve been talking about it since Day #1. But Tillicum looks like a picture perfect community when the inspiration comes from the lake. What a gorgeous place.

Who wouldn’t want to take out a rowing shell on water like this? Man... I miss rowing (I don’t miss getting up early)... When I used to row though I’d take out the rowing shell into the middle of the lake in the wee hours of the morning, lay the oars flat against the water and lay myself back - flat in the boat - two inches from the top of the water. I’d just lay there. As if there was nothing else going on in the world. It’s like nothing else.

Hmmm.... Perhaps I should add a #51 to my 50x50... I want to row again. It wouldn’t be hard to do. My dad still rows in the morning with his rowing partner who is now in his 80’s. Talk about inspiration...

No... I did not wake up early to snap these photos. These were taken at 10:30pm... Long exposure at night is my favorite way to shoot...

Also... if you’re interested... I liked this picture and I needed a desktop change. Download and use if you’d like one as well! 

Another caveat: I’ll be out of town most of this Holiday Weekend - so, if you comment on my blog. #1: THANK YOU! I heart comments,  and #2: I like to return the favor but might not be able to get back to it for a few days!


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