Sunday, July 3, 2011

Red: She’s My #29

The 1969 International Scout. She’s a beaut. Haha.... in my eye... but she needs a lot of work. That’s why she’s my #29 - “Fix my 1969 International Scout”. In her day we drove her to the beach and she went top-less (easy... the truck - SHE went topless and it was perfection). We put her in 4 wheel drive and hit the sand like it was nothin’... we forgot to take her out of 4 wheel for part of the way home. I’m sorry. We drove home with our legs up next to the engine air that blew right onto our legs... Who needs a heater? For that matter, who needs wiper blades, blinkers, gas tanks without holes, radios, shifter knobs, seat belts... that list goes on.

I would have taken a full-body-shot but she’s immobile. There was a time when scrap metal was where it’s at financially. So, that being the case, people made it a habit to break into the garage and take her parts - one-by-one... Poor girl.

This is what she looks like in full view.... Only Red... of course and add a few scratches and a little rust:

Another caveat: I’ll be out of town most of this Holiday Weekend - so, if you comment on my blog. #1: THANK YOU! I heart comments,  and #2: I like to return the favor but might not be able to get back to it for a few days!

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  1. It would be cool to have one of those. Happy 4th to you, hope you are enjoying it wherever you are.


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