Monday, July 25, 2011

Perfect Peace/Silver

Can I just share with you the "meaning" of the color silver?


Apparently silver embodies encouragement and the removal of negativity. Source.

Silver. Where have you been all my life? I've been needing more of this than I even realized. Life has been easy, admittedly, I've been fortunate to not witness any catastrophes that set me off course - and some times it has made me complacent. It's made me think that all these plans that have worked out have been MY plans. Like it was all up to me how my life would turn out. We make plans for ourselves don't we? We lock in these plans and become attached to them before we know it. We decide what our lives are going to look like and how we are going to live them and THEN we say, "Oh ya... God. Would you bless these decisions? ... Super. Thanks." And we move on. 

I've done this so many times that I cannot even count. So - when plans don't work out I think - "What the heck? I thought you supported this Lord?" And he calmly responds... "When did you ask me?"... 

I'm learning everyday to TRUST in the Lord. When I'm anxious, when my husband's anxious, we fret and we worry and we make a mess of ourselves when God just calmly says "I'll hold you tight. I'll keep you steadfast. I'll put your mind at peace... Just trust in me."


  1. That really hit home - what a great message.

  2. One of my friends said to me the other day..."You have not cuz you ask not"...James 4, I think. Yup..AMEN!!

  3. wow, didn't know that about silver. awesome!

  4. Christina,
    I loved this one particularly.. My blog is all about the persuit of peace. You can take a look here if you'd like:
    Silver and Peace.... it goes well together!

  5. This is a perfect post for me right now - we have a lot of up in the air 'plans' and just need to trust that God knows what He's doing!

  6. Lots of simple but true wisdom here. And oh, how often I don't ask. It doesn't even cross my mind. I've been thinking about asking a lot these days, and have begun my days in the last two weeks with the question, "Lord, what do you want me to do today?" It's been enlightening to begin the day with that question, and to put my day into God's hands from the start.


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