Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Calm. Soothing. Relaxed. Cerulean. (what a great word... both in meaning and in pronunciation)

I could have gone with a few different colors to recap the weekend we had... I could have chosen yellow or orange to represent the warmth of the sun. I could have chosen some red hue to represent the resulting burn on my back and shoulders...

Instead - I went with what this last weekend was overall... Relaxing. I'd been needing some time away so the hubs and I spent the weekend (nicest one yet!) at my family's cabin on American Lake. Just across the lake from home and yet I felt a million miles away. We were so close to home we could watch our home from the dock all weekend... But at the cabin - it's like you traveled back in time. No phone. (except cells)... no cable... no internet... It is a BEA-U-TIFUL thing!!

Perhaps you wonder why in the world there would be a large silver pot out on the dock... Again, I didn't manipulate this shot - I thought the reflections were fantastic when I saw it sitting there and I couldn't pass up the photo op/self portrait. The pot was there because it's always good to have ammunition available should an impromptu water fight ensue and we don't happen to have any super soakers.... yet.


  1. I know the thing I look forward to the most about my Mexico vacation is being disconnected. Especially from the cell phone.


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