Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Electric Lime

This color is all along the waterfront in Tillicum but I never recognized it until this "World of Color" photo challenge. Desperate to fill these last days with color, I spotted the [seaweed?] off the dock and needed that color to add to my palette.

Interestingly... the crayola "meaning" for this color is

I had a job interview... I'm hoping I exuded some electric lime! :)
Green in general (when applied to stained glass) is said to represent hope and victory over ignorance... I'm hoping for a sprinkling of that as well!
So let's all agree together and cross our fingers [pray] for some positive/success/energy (I'm thinking the energy part is mostly related to the fact that I took 3 ... THREE... trips through the coffee stand)!

Along the lines of being a nervous wreck... I chatted with my dad over email prior to the interview. Recounting a conversation he recently had with my cousin - I heard this message - 
 "Unshakeable Confidence. Since the outcome belongs to God, there is a great deal of freedom from the fears that freeze others into giving less than their best." 
Amen to that. For better or worse (in my futile human view) the outcome is the Lord's.


  1. great to see the seagrass. It looks good. And I hope it brings you luck on that interviuw.

  2. Whatever that watery growth is, it is a luscious green color!


    Water on Wednesday
    And other days too,
    Water for me, friend,
    And water for you;

    Water as ocean
    And water as sea,
    Water for you, friend,
    And water for me;

    Every day water
    In puddle or ice
    Or snowflakes or mist—
    Oh, water is nice!

    © 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher

    The Pacific at San Diego

  3. Love lime green. Love your quote. Wish I could remember that at times when I need it. Good luck on your job prospect!

  4. That is electric! I need to get a shirt that color to put on when I'm feeling blah.


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