Sunday, July 24, 2011

A Needed Respite

Today's blog post is noticeably late.... And noticeably missing the "World of Color" submission.....

Can you blame me?

Photo perfectly taken via the hubs... I read 146 pages in that book... laying right there... We needed that. It was perfect.
And, to top it off... the weather topped 80 degrees and this "only-goes-swimming-when-it's-90-or-above-girl" actually got in the water... 

And got back out... 5 minutes later.

World of Color returns bright and early in the am. 


  1. What book was it?! And I should have texted you... But I definitely took a two hour nap this afternoon. It was glorious.

  2. Oh yes, it probably felt like a dream come true :) Hope you manage to do it again soon! (and share a photo!)

    Simply Fone

  3. And what book were you reading? Curious minds want to know! It's too ironic-- we were away the day Bellingham finally hit 80! Still, it may have been cooler but it was still "away" so I won't complain.

    P.S. Your word verification is very rude. It called me a "bratho."

  4. Haha. :) What book? It's called Embrace Me by Lisa Simson... She writes Christian Fiction - generally I tend to stay away for this genre for it's "cheese" factor. But this has been a sweet and interesting story thus far. :)

  5. that picture really made me smile! What a great shot. I love how you look, so relaxed with your pooch right there beside you also relaxed.


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