Saturday, July 23, 2011

Carnation Pink

"Frilly and Feminine" ... That's what this color means and that's just what my husband thought when I showed up with a pink collar for our pup. "She's gonna be so girly" He said.... Duh. She's a girl. (I can understand what he means though. I have every intention of NOT adorning my someday female daughters in all pink - but perhaps they'll choose that color and then I won't have a choice)

The color suits Beesly perfectly though as she's got just as much attitude as any "teenage girl". She listens. When she wants to. She responds. When she wants to. And, I swear to you - sometimes she even rolls her eyes at me. But she's a Beagle. And she's exceptional.... for a Beagle.

carnation pink


  1. girl's definitely got some 'tude.

  2. Oh.. someone already said 'She's a cutie!' But it's true... girls always need some pink and some bling and a little jingle never hurt either! Lol!

  3. The one thing I told my husband I'd disown him over if he got me was pink tools. I see women buying them and cringe.
    I do like the color pink though. My dogs go against the grain, my male dog has a purplish color and my female dog had green until about a month ago.


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