Friday, July 22, 2011


Did you know that colors in the "orange" hue category are said to "help increase the amount of oxygen flow to the brain"? Healing. I'm not sure exactly how a color can do that... Perhaps it's like how when the sun comes out (very few and far between) it increases the amount of happiness flowing to the brain? Or maybe that's just the Vitamin D talking.

Also - I need to be sure that you know - no trees were harmed in the snapping of this photo. This is just how I came across the tree when walking at Harry Todd Park. I have been known to do some weird stuff all for the sake of getting the right shot - but I would not set up my photo like this or manipulate the subject. I take it like it is.

I love this photo for many reasons but mostly for the meaning it has in life. Have you ever felt like you needed the layers peeled away in order to reveal what was really beautiful underneath? I work with middle school and high school students and we've often used the analogy of wearing masks. Pretending to be someone that your not and needing to peel off those masks in order to reveal who God truly created you to be.
It's a painful process. I don't like it. I'm guessing most people don't.
It's something that I come across often in therapy. I recently graduated with my MA in Marriage and Family Therapy and told clients then, and students I work with now... that, while it can appear painful - there is a reason and a purpose. While there can be pain in the process (sometimes that's why these layers were created)... God's created something perfect and unique in you.
"It's like getting your knee skinned when you fall off a bike. You have two choices about what to do with that wound. You can ignore it - not wash it off or put any medicine on it - and hope that it gets better all by itself. Sometimes that works fine. But other times, if you do that, the wound will get infected. Infections don't usually get better by ignoring them; they get worse and worse. Your other choice is to wash the wound carefully, getting all the dirt and germs out. That stings. It hurts at first. But then the pain goes away, and it can be healed." (Deblinger & Heflin)
We just have to be willing to endure the process.


  1. What an interesting shot - love the color, the tones, the bokeh!

  2. The only person allowed to wear a mask is Zorro. & he's devoted his life to justice, so he deserves that mask.

    Also. I love that photo. And everything you said!

  3. ... it can be healed.
    That really spoke to me today. Thanks

  4. Great Shot!! Where was that Sunshine :)

  5. Love the texture,the layers and what a wonderful analogy
    Remember we were talking about settings and not being able to recall what they were after the pic was taken because we failed to write it down? Well.... drumroll here please... I found that if you right click on the picture (on the web or in your photo viewer on your comp) you can click on details and it will give you ALL the details! Way cool, eh??

  6. Excellent post. I read a quote somewhere that said, "Look at the color yellow and dance to the rhythem of life", I never understood it, but maybe it has something to do with the orange spectrum and healing thing.

  7. I'm loving the bokeh too, nice shot!

    Thanks for joining Foto Friday,

  8. Such a beautiful shot--the depth of field is gorgeous, as is the awesome bokeh you managed to capture!


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