Thursday, July 21, 2011


Connecting with Crayola's more unique color names has been a lot more fun and has revived my desire to do this challenge... Mostly just because I like the creativity of those who get paid to name colors... If that was me I'd create a color "Supurplous" in the purple hue category... Mostly because these color names are superfluous: [soo-pur-floo-uhs] 1.exceeding what is sufficient or required... but that's how I like to live life.

So - today it's tumbleweed...
Personality Traits for this hue: *earthy* *not at all frivolous* *dislikes showiness* *dependable* *comfortable* 

This is very true... this grassi-ness is everywhere right now and you can expect it to be everywhere - every year... brown... dying... ignored... beautiful...

Found this fantastic new PS Action on this beautiful blog!

In other news... I saw this while I was out on a walk. Likely some sort of city tagging... notifying that here lies an important piece of sidewalk...

More importantly though... This number just happens to correlate with the total number of YOU who viewed my blog yesterday. Now, I know to some that's not a big deal but we'd been hovering in the 90's quite a few times - never to break 100. Until yesterday and I think that's pretty cool. So thanks!


  1. Very lovely interpretation of the color and plant.

  2. I'm loving that first photo. Very cool. Maybe I should start doing some stuff with Photoshop and tutorials...? ;]

  3. Amazing! Tumbleweed is the plant of my childhood. Used to roll in heaps of it, every day. Sigh, how I miss those times. Great photos, thanks a LOT!

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