Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Who’s idea was it to have the day after Independence Day be a work day? That’s really an awful idea.

I’m old. It’s official.

I used to be the one lighting fireworks into the wee hours... Purchasing quarter sticks of dynamite (not joking) and lighting them... holding them in the hand long enough so that when tossed in the lake there was an explosion of water sending us running and laughing... (I’d never let my kids do this... neither would my parents... They may just be finding out about this)

I’m not that person anymore. Having the 5th of July be a work day, I found myself laying in bed last night at 12:30am wishing the neighbors would stop lighting fireworks right outside our bedroom window...

Tillicum is a whole new place on the 4th. People have very small yards and few driveways yielding to the lighting of fireworks in the middle of the street. (First thought is ‘sure’... ‘that’s safest - away from the houses and cars’) Second thought is.... This is impossible to drive home.

We were headed home from a friend’s house (at which my husband played rhythm guitar and back up vocals in a Weezer cover band... who has the best husband? This girl. Right here.) And we had to make several u-turns and drove down roads we don’t normally take just to avoid the war zone that is Tillicum on the 4th of July.

A morbid thought I always have on the 4th (probably because I live in Tillicum) - Independence Day is the perfect day to commit a crime involving gunfire. No one would even bat an eye.

So... this is what’s left the next morning.


  1. Kaleigh SmallbeckJuly 5, 2011 at 11:19 AM

    You would throw a sticks of dynamite into the lake?

  2. I didn't see your email so wanted to reply to your comment on my blog (then you can delete this as it has nothing to do with your post). The photographer that took that photo was a photo journalist. They sign papers that they will only shoot and never interfere in any way: which includes helping. He actaully felt so guilty that after he received a huge award for that photo, he committed suicide

  3. Oh Shanda that is incredibly terrible.... I’m so glad you are out there to make these stories heard.

  4. I'm getting to the point where I actually said to my husband as we're lighting stuff up, "hey, can you get the broom so we can clean up." Didn't think I'd get there before 30. Wow.


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