Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Graffiti. Tagging. For the most part I don’t really get it (oh - and let me apologize ahead of time for the “offensive language” in this post...)

There is graffiti that is art. I mean, what some people can do with a can of spray paint I could never dream of doing even if I had the best tools money could buy. Some people are just talented. Then, there are others... who, (for lack of talent?) tag. It’s annoying at best.

I wanted to feature these two little lovelies though because they appeared around the same time (right as school got out)... idle hands are the devil’s playground. But I also did a little research on them.

According to the urban dictionary (yes. one of my most helpful resources living where I do...) “Ride or Die” directly correlates to "be down with your husband/wife no matter what, through it all the good and the bad.” Huh. Does that make me the ride or die bit*h? Interesting. Because I do love my man although this is not how I’d normally go out and tell the world about it. This phrase can also take reference to the people in your life. Those people who "do what it do to make it through with you”... 

“Stop Snitchin” ... I can’t help but wonder to what we are referring in the tag above. So, naturally, I googled it. I typed “news: Tillicum” into the search bar and the second link in was “Tillicum Gangsters Raided: A Lakewood street gang believed to be burglarizing homes and trying to expand its foothold in the drug trade is the latest group targeted by law enforcement and Pierce County prosecutors in a crackdown on crime”
Huh. Interesting. 

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  1. I learned something new today reading your post. ;) Very interesting. I feel frustrated and sad when people spray paint ugly pointless stuff and deface property that is meaningful and special to others, like at the park. It's so disrespectful. :( I prefer yarn bombing. ;)


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