Thursday, July 7, 2011


Apparently fishing has been pretty good out on American Lake. My brother-in-law frequently goes out fishing around 4 in the morning (for someone to get up that early more than once it better be worth it)... He, my father-in-law and a friend went out on the morning of July 3rd and caught their limit in Kokanee. They smoked it for the better part of the day and the result actually wasn't all that bad.

This is going to be terrible for all seafood lovers - but even growing up in one of the best places for fresh fish... I don't really like it. My grandpa used to grill salmon all the time and the taste was decent but the look, texture (and bones!) turned me off from it...

Not all kids get to grow up living near the boathouse like we did as kids and at times I guess I took that for granted. My grandpa did his best to teach me to fish, he was so patient with me and would keep the disgruntled-ness (that's a word) under his breath when I came in with broken line, after broken line.... after broken line. (I could have sworn that massive thing that was tugging on the end of my line was the biggest fish known to man... turns out it was just the ground. My bad.)


  1. LOVE that photo, Christina. You are just so darn talented!

    I'm also a sad excuse for a Northwesterner. I stopped eating crab the first time I went crabbing with my family and my soft-hearted self saw what actually happened to the poor things... inevitably, I finally gave up and became a vegetarian. It's kind of a shame to live here and not eat the bounty of the sea-- but we can still take pictures of it, anyway!

  2. I love seafood but I've recently learned that a lot of women don't like seafood because they tend to smell it more so than others. I guess if I think about it, I don't like really smelly fish either.

  3. Love the repetitive colors and shape in the bobbers ... it is a winner!


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