Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Little Goodies

It’s been a good past couple of days in my little world... If you follow along you know I took a little day trip up to Seattle looking for a new camera. I absolutely love my little Nikon D50 - given to me by my parents prior to getting married. “This is our last chance to spoil her... It’s your job now.” They said to my hubs. (lucky him ;)

While I love the D50... It’s been needing an upgrade. It has traveled the globe with me (quite literally) so, as any photographer knows - my camera became a part of my family... but now, it’s time for my family to grow a little. 

Please. Take a gander at the baby I found (eep! It was love at first SIGHT!)

Yes. yes. yes. So - while I’m completely in love with this sweet little find from an antique shop along the Seattle waterfront I did also stop by Glazer’s camera supply (another new love of mine) and it was the easiest sell the salesman ever made.

I’d already researched online. I knew what I wanted. I walked in. I bought it.

Last week we were in Seattle trying to make our way to Glazer’s but it closed before we could get there. This week. We were there on time and they had started an AHHmazing sale... that very day. Perfect timing. I saved up money for a long time in order to make this purchase - but still. I like a good deal.

And... FINALLY.... guess what arrived in the mail? 
Do you see those super cute earrings? No. Ya. I know... the picture doesn’t really do them justice - so check out the etsy shop Love is Rising... right now. Such cute stuff and I’m excited to order my next pair.

Good stuff these last couple days.


  1. YAY on the upgrade :)

    I have seen a few posts on upgrading these last few days ..I don't want to upgrade my whole camera, just a lens!

  2. I have been looking at your earrings the past few days with every intention of complimenting them, but I wasn't sure if they were new or I was just totally unobservant. So. I LOVE THOSE EARRINGS!

    And your camera. Duh.

  3. Yay for the upgrade. I love your camera shots and the sunflare is gorgeous.

  4. thanks for sharing which lens you use. and love your shots. yippee for the upgrade have fun.

  5. Love the first couple of shots...the light is gorgeous and congrats on your new camera.

  6. Yay, a new camera! I Love the first shot with the vintage camera, lovely light and tones!

  7. My sister is into antique cameras too, and she also makes jewelry. Your blog just screamed my sister. hahaha

  8. love the vintage camera picture! awesome! and congrats on the new camera!

  9. beautiful pictures, thanks for visiting my blog


  10. oohh...how wonderful! I love new Nikons! Have fun with it!

  11. I am absolutely in love with that second photo...


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