Friday, August 19, 2011

Lovin' Life Regardless...

So - amidst my blogging funk I stumbled upon this cutie of a blog yesterday and realized "That's just what I need!" ... I need to remember the good things about life and maybe that will help me to feel a wee bit more inspired... So here’s to it.

Less talk more photo -

1. Loving love. I love my husband who keeps my feet planted to the ground when I just want to float away... and remembering the times when love was really just twitter-pation.
Photos taken in August of 2004... Love the bottom photo - My hubs helmet says size “M”... mine? “XXL”

Flashback Friday

2. Loving new tubes and reinforced tires... (a GRACIOUS gift)... Will be helpful though since I’ve had 3 flats in 3 months... ugh. More on that in a different post on a different day.

3. Loving having the world’s greatest nephews who could brighten anyone’s day with their silly faces.
4. Loving Sweet Potato Fries... Does that make me old? I’m pretty sure I thought all things “sweet potato” were for the (ah-hem, I mean this in the nicest way possible) “older generation”... But apparently, I’m finding myself loving things I never thought I would (at least not for another 40 years) - salt & vinegar chips, pecan pie... vitamins...

5. Loving Marvel Heroes... Of course! Why didn’t we think of these earlier? As the hubs and I try and eat a little healthier it’s like pulling teeth to get my husband to eat a good helping of veggies. The ‘anti-vegetarian’ in him says it’s cruelty to animals to eat their food. They’ve died for nothing if we don’t enjoy a good steak. So, that being said - these sugary, chewable vitamins are for the child in him (and they’re delicious!)

I’m a new fan of searching for things I’m loving... (although “love” is being used a little lightly for most of these... I mean... vitamins? really?) But I could get used to this... Might be linking up more often.
It’s just what you need... when you’re in a funk... start looking around you for some good, fun and joyful things to love on.


6.  Loving blogging. First off I’ve LEARNED so much... so even when I’m in a funk - there are always bloggers out there who inspire me to find new things and HOLY CANNOLI... nominated for an award! How sweet is that!

The Liebster award is meant to connect and highlight new bloggers that have up to 200 followers. 
As with other awards, this one has a few rules 


  1. Happy Friday! These are all great things to be loving right now. And I noticed that we probably live next door to each other; I'm in Lakewood.

  2. Wait a sec- I didn't know sweet potatoes were for older generations...if that's the case, then I'm old.

  3. Visiting from the pictures! Very cute!

  4. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! This is so exciting...

  5. I love your first two photos.. Isn't it great looking back? I get lost in all our old photos and spend way to many hours just looking and doing the whole 'oohh remember that?' thing. :)

  6. Also, I had to get prenatal gummies because the "sugar" coating they put on the regular ones were making me more sick than "morning sickness." I think I might be a bigger baby than my baby!

  7. Oh, what a cute idea! Great shots too.

    Hope you're having a blessed day!

  8. Man your photos are amazing!! Love your list - thanks so much for joining in!!

  9. I love sweet potato fries. Yummy!!

  10. This is a great list of things to love! Those fries look yummy and I'm not a big fan of anything "sweet potato". :)

  11. You and your hubby are ADORABLE together, & I reallllly want some fries now!!!

  12. Congratulations for the blog award!!
    Love this idea, I might have to do it too! Love the shot of you and your husband with the helmets! Your photos make it all look wonderful, even new bicycle tubes.

  13. we always have to remeber about good things in our life :)
    beautiful shots!

  14. Great all the shots, especially the tires, cool perspective:)


  15. Hi Christina,

    Thank you so much for accepting. Can't wait to check out your nominations :)

    Much love

  16. There's endless things to love, you picked some good ones! Nice idea for photos.

  17. Such sweet photos of you and the hubby! Thanks so much for linking up!! Now I need to go eat, this post made me hungry :)

  18. The pictures of your nephews are absolutely adorable. Thanks for the vitamin tip, maybe if I get them my husband will actually take them.


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