Friday, August 12, 2011

Will return... Hopefully somewhat sane...

Thank you ALL for all of your lovely visits & welcome to some new readers!! I can't wait to check in on your spaces when I get back into town...

I would have blogged for the weekend and scheduled my posts to appear - but my husband is in charge of this retreat and behind every busy man is an even busier wife trying her best to make her husband look organized. So any time I would have had to blog - I spent running errands and getting things prepared!

If you are reading this - by now I...

1.) have already lost most of my sanity... (what little there was to begin with)
2.) am preparing to push a few students out of a boat while white-water rafting (only in the calm parts of the river for those of you who happen to be a parent of one of the students on the trip - and are freaked out that we are taking your kid down the rapids)...
3.) am telling the students multiple times - "I don't care how badly you want me to join you - I have no intention of engaging the high ropes course. No. Thank you. but I support you going up there 100%."

See you soon!
A fun photoshop design I made for our camp t-shirts... Theme: Superheroes...


  1. I think it is clever. And colorful.

  2. That tshirt design is awesome and I am now desperately missing be a youth director ;)

  3. Have a great time! Awesome t-shirt design!

  4. Wonderful t-shirt design! I hope you are having fun!


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