Friday, September 2, 2011

Brown Paper Packages

.... These are a few of my favorite things.... It's Friday! That's the first lovely thing about today. There's a three day weekend! = little lovely #2!

I want to share with you real quick a short message I got from a friend the other day.... "I hope your having a good week! And, if you're not, well here are two lovely things to look forward to - 1.) Heaven! and more immediately - 2.) FOOTBALL season!" That girl is wise beyond her years & has a fantastic way of looking at life.

Something else that warms my heart that I wanted to highlight today is Caring For Kids' recent back to school fair give-away in Tillicum.

For those of you that don't know, the student population that attends Tillicum Elementary is 93% free/reduced lunch (a national indicator of poverty) - so when Caring For Kids stepped up and said "Come get your free back to school supplies!" Families showed up in droves. Nearly 450 people came through the lines to stash their new backpacks full with that they needed to enter school ready to learn.

It was so much fun to be there to help, take pictures and see some of "my" kiddos come through the line.... "MRS KLAS!" They were so excited to see me (although some just looked at me with quizzical faces... "I know you look familiar, but since we aren't in school right now, I'm not exactly sure who you are"....)



  1. what great shots! so cool and i love the perspectives! Love your friends words... yay for football season!! ;) Hope you have a great and wonderful weekend!!

  2. Love to see kids back in school. I can't wait to see mine too at church for there religious education. ^_^ Love your photos.
    Weekend Reflection

  3. I love these shots.

  4. What an awesome initiative! Love stationery supplies, great shots! Love this quote, so true!

  5. What a lovely day you had helping! I've been lost in todo's lately and not much time to post. Glad to pop over and read you regularly although I haven't commented.


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