Saturday, September 3, 2011

Weddings and Nerdy Things

On this day - as two of our friends join in the bonds of "Mawwiage" and my husband officiates the ceremony, I'm going to blog about blood.

Warning... this blog contains a confession regarding my inner-nerd... Also, the following photo, while not in high definition (cell-phone shots today - let's not talk about the fact that I left my new camera at HOME), may be disturbing.

I'm the best wife in the world. My hubs is good at reminding me of that. Because, while I eagerly await the official start of the football season - I can also dabble in all things nerdy (everything in moderation). So, as the hubs and I were strolling around the Seattle convention center for PAX Prime this past Sunday, I stopped at this booth of bloody gauze and cotton swabs, looked at my husband and said, "Give me your iphone. I need to take a picture and blog this." So here you have it. Bloody gauze. Aren't you glad I thought to do this??
Turns out the zombies we saw walking around were all volunteering to be painted up like this for the afternoon. They were all walking advertisements for this video game. This guy had no idea that showing up for PAX would equal submission on my blog... Isn't his charred right arm just lovely?

A few other lovely things we found while we were there... I love to be reminded (and to remind others) that Christ loves all of us. That HIS blood was shed for everyone of us. No exceptions. No matter how weird, no matter how nerdy, no matter the last time that you showered, and it doesn't matter if you walk around the streets of Seattle all day dressed as Master Chief (which was awesome by the way). He loves you just the same.

It's true he does.

Here's a shout-out to GAME CHURCH. Shoot them an email and I'd bet they'll send you one of these:

Yes. This is the New Testament. Wonderful right? (Sacrilegious?) I thought some people might say that... but I think it was CS Lewis who said "The best translation of the Bible is the one you'll read."

We're gonna order a bunch of these and if it gets our youth group kids reading the Bible - so be it. They have to start somewhere.

I was so happy to see these little give-aways working... While the hubs and I stood back and watched. A "gamer" walked right up to the booth and said, "Ok, who is this Jesus? Who are you guys? And why should I care?" YES. People asking questions. THIS. is. fantastic. This person willingly walked away with their little Bibles after more questions and more non-threatening answers. Huh. Who'da thunk?


  1. should know..i'm not a fan of blood...real or fake.

    i do however, accept and can stand thinking about Jesus' blood for more than two seconds :)

    :) yes, i agree about those bibles...sometimes it takes something different to get someone's attention!

    God bless~


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