Tuesday, September 13, 2011


One of my favorite ways to spend the evening is hanging out with the hubs. And like I good American - I like to go out to eat - but not to the same burger joint every time. I like to find the hole in the wall location (with good food) or something a little off the beaten path. Last night my husband took me out on a belated anniversary date to a place I didn't know existed. There are no signs because I guess "The Pink Door" is supposed to be enough... So as we walked down the alley at Pike Place Market and saw the pastel wooden door we figured.... "Well, I guess this must be it".

Sweet Shot Day
This place was a little strange at first, I'm not gonna lie. We gave eachother "the eye" as we tried to make our way to our table and not get kicked in the face or sat on by the gal swinging from the trapeze. I didn't know what to expect - but, believe it or not, every Monday night a gal swings from the hoop in the trapeze dining room. You have to make reservations to see her because the place is so packed. 

Forgive me for the lack of inspiring photos - the lighting in that room was awful for any sort of photography. 
And these less than stellar photos don't do the restaurant/venue any justice.

We settled into our seats - right next to the trapeze artist and as the food began to arrive and the atmosphere started to envelop us we realized - this is such a unique spot. A fun way to enjoy the night and the food.... Don't get me started. I did mention I was a good American - so I loved my meal. :)

Afterwards we made the short trek to Ballard to check out a place we'd been dying to visit.

We are big fans of games - card games, board games, puzzles - you name it... You know those things that people used to engage in that was interactive and social?... prior to video games/facebook/internet/BLOGGING? We love that stuff. So going to Card Kingdom was essentially like traveling to Mecca for the hubs. You can buy games, or "check out" games and take them into the adjacent bar/dining area and play while you eat/drink the night away. Brilliant.

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  1. wow..what a unique place! glad you all discovered it!

  2. What a cool place. Happy anniversary!


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