Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Tillicum Profile Series: #1

I've been wanting to take some shots of Tillicum-ites like myself for a while now but needed to gather the gumption to stopping someone and asking if I could take their photo.

Then enter: This family -

(side note, has anyone else noticed that photos on blogger are looking particularly grainy lately?)

I'm out walking the dog when I hear them coming up behind me. When I turn and smile the dad looks at me and says:

Him: "Aren't you one of Dave's daughters?" [I've learned that this is a common greeting. My father is infamous in Lakewood]

Me (proudly): "Yes! I am!" 

Him (with a big smile): "You guys used to pick me up for church every week!" [thuttering of my heart - This had to have been.... roughly 15 years ago or so? Good grief... that's a long time - What a legacy my father has led.]

Thank you to this sweet family of 3 (with a bun in the oven) for letting me take their photo. Hopefully you remember the name of this site so that you can view your photo. 

[Note to self - create business cards and carry them around so people don't think I'm a sham]
and then, she {snapped}


  1. Isn't it wonderful how relationships made can endure over the years? :)


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