Saturday, September 17, 2011

Fair Fun: Episode #2

Sometimes.... when you’re two years old you don’t make a certain height minimum required in order to ride certain rides. Sometimes the operator lets it slide and says “How can I resist a kid that’s so darn cute?” and sometimes (generally the stickler female operators) they so no - and you are resigned to watching from the sidelines.

For the littlest nephew - this didn’t make much sense. How could he be able to go on some rides, but not others? Clearly he had the magic bracelet just like any other kid? ...

I don’t remember much from when I was two but I don’t recall anyone telling me I was as much of a daredevil as this little man. He rode all the rides with abandon. Usually he was so intent on steering the car in the right direction (or getting distracted by all the pretty lights) that he didn’t even look our way when there was a line-up of 5 of us shouting his name to turn and wave.

The canoes were one of my favorites as a kid...

Family is such a treasure. I’m so blessed to have the greatest nephews around...

....... More photographer’s fun!

By this time of the night there was no chance I was getting the boys to sit still for a few minutes to take some long exposure shots. Just getting them to smile was a feat of it’s own .... “Smile real quick and you’ll go on another ride!”

Thanks for bearing with me as I attempted to keep my hand steady!
A birthday boy tomorrow - but then perhaps more fairfotos to come....


  1. The way you have captured your nephews beautiful blue eyes and his sense of longing is gorgeous! Loving the bokeh of the lights too!

  2. Thanks for finding me! I've made some good friends that way !
    (well, cyber friends, lets be honest lol) Anyway, thanks for having a looksie, I like yours too.....

  3. Very good and original looking photography.

  4. love this post! the long exposure shots are beautiful! You take great people photos too Christina :)

  5. That ferris wheel long exposure is stunning! Wow!


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