Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Faux Fall

I am going to choose to ignore the weather forecast saying that today and tomorrow are supposed to be in the 70's and I'm going to choose to live in the Autumn - even if it's only in my mind. It's sad that we complained and complained for the sun to get here when the gray clouds were hanging around into July - now that it's less than a week from October I'm longing for the colder weather. I want my boots and sweater tights and scarves and pea-coats to be a necessity. I'd especially like the cold weather because the hubs and I head to San Diego for the NYWC on Friday and the 78 degrees we are expecting I was hoping to use as a respite from our cold weather - not a continuation of it....

Anyhow... complain complain complain... on to some photos from the walk I took with the pup yesterday...

NapTime MomTog


  1. I love fungi at this time of year - my favourite being your 2nd shot with the underside fans being the main focus of attention.

  2. I love these, found some by my stairs this morning :)) .Your photos are awesome..I found ya on linky via (and then she snapped) and loving your blog..Officially following via with smiles..Hope you can stop in sometime..TY


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