Thursday, September 29, 2011

Quarterly (Hi-)Five

So - one of my newest followers (welcome!) has a little linky up called the quarterly top 5 (photos you've taken of your kids) - and I just thought - this sounds like one I'd LOVE to enter! However, I've got no kiddos of my own! So... I thought - perhaps I'll just recap some of my favorite photos of taken of someone else's munchkin over the past quarter.... (cheating a little bit, but what can I say?) So... little chat time today - on to the photos!

(in no particular order)
1. Recently a friend let me take some photos of one of the most adorable babes - we struggled to get this sweetie to smile but when she did - oh man - she's adorable!

and then, she {snapped}

2. My nephew was the handsome-est ring-bearer on the face of the planet at a friend's recent wedding. Isn't he just a stud?

3. One of my first "real" photo shoots was with some family friends who'd recently had two babies within the extended family. Beautiful children = beautiful pictures.

4. This one just makes me miss the summer more than anything. I complain about wanting the fall to come quickly - but I guess I do miss the warmth of the sun on my cheeks (who am I kidding though - it's still 75 degrees outside so I'm not missing anything!)

5. And... mostly just because I can't get enough of this little man's cheeks.

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  1. These are really sweet.

  2. So precious! Are the last two of your children? I wasn't sure.

  3. These are wonderful! That first one does have a smile that melts your heart! Great capture! Thanks for linking up!!

  4. I love all of them, especially the fourth one. love how the essence of it is summer! I love that.

  5. Gorgeous pics - the first one almost killed me with all the sweetness! :-)


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