Thursday, November 3, 2011

Thankful Thursday

A friend used to make this a regular habit on Thursdays - so this is mostly inspired by her... But I thought - what better time to get this started than just before Thanksgiving?

So, today it's not about the photos... but about what they mean to me!

(Warning: This post is a SERIOUS nerd alert. Confession - I read comics)

Today I am thankful that I married a man who really is just a big kid. I can still turn the corner in my home and see the hubs sitting at the table, drinking a cup of bold coffee... and reading a comic book.

He even got me reading them. He reads things about super heros, zombies, etc... - But I needed to find something I could love for the artwork. I'm big into that and some comic book art is DEFINITELY better than others... In fact, I get frustrated watching most modern cartoons and thinking to myself, "Someone gets paid bookoo bucks to draw that?? I'm pretty sure I could do that."

Anyhow. I've been reading Oz. (Even though, quite frankly, the movie freaks me out.) I've grown to like this version because I love the illustrator's style.

Then, just yesterday - my husband surprised me with this little beauty! The first of a new Peanuts comic series. That may not seem exciting to you but I've loved the Peanuts strip since I was in school... I have several old editions and to be able to follow a new series? Well, that brings out the kid in me too.


  1. i would very much like to read the Wizard of Oz, comic series. I love that illustration, up above!
    i used to read the peanuts too :) such fun!

  2. wow! i'm with you on the illustration for the Oz comics... very cool! :)


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