Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Future of Forestry

Yesterday I blogged about needing rest...  A little time to perhaps ENJOY the Christmas season... Then I took the hubs and a good friend out to the Future of Forestry Christmas Tour. (Tickets are STILL available for this Saturday's show in Seattle if you're a local. They are s.t.i.n.k.i.n. awesome...) 
At one point during the set it was said that they created this tour so that you could "be with God in the empty spaces. December is the busiest time of year and often we try and jump from one song to the next and move right along." This show was riddled with "filler music" and "space enough to feel involved"... I love that line. Sometimes we get so consumed doing, doing, doing, that we don't really feel like we've DONE anything. Often what we need is a little time and space to feel like maybe we could do something significant or HEAR something significant - but we never allow ourselves to stop and listen.

Future of Forestry's Advent Christmas tour is known for the "Little Drummer Boy"... One of my favorite moments in the show and this year I finally caught it on film. 
Who decided that the Little Drummer Boy offered a tiny little drum beat to the Lord and then that was "good enough"... If all you've got to offer is a drum - Why not give it all you've got?


  1. fun! i love the different colors of light in these shots!

  2. That's some pretty cool drumming going on there...If that doesn't get you going, nothing will:! I love the lights, too.



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