Saturday, January 14, 2012

Fresh Start: Project 366

I’m participating in “Project 366” ... Cheating a little bit I guess because I’m supposed to join in on the linky on Mondays but Saturdays just work so much better somehow... The prompt for this weeks thread of photos was “Fresh Start”... I planned on using motivating days of working out and eating right and getting a fresh jump on the year - but when I looked back on my photos (while there was one of my morning work-out routine) I found that my instagram feed (@chrisklas) was predominately “coffee” related. Maybe something’s wrong with me that four photos were somehow coffee themed (caffeine IS a drug you know...) but it’s what helps me get a fresh start... This morning I literally rolled over - hit the hubs - and said “Is it your turn to make the coffee?”

Naptime Momtog

Not an instagram user? Something else I discovered today (I'm a slow learner...) You can also follow along at: WEBSTAGRAM


  1. I love your montage of all the pictures. I'm following you now on Instagram . I've loved the first two weeks of P366 using it! Oh, I'm shirley319 on IG...

  2. Awesome captures. Your doggy is to adorable! You are definitely doing a great job of capturing your life! :) I use to have caffeine addiction to. :) Thank you for joining up with me!

  3. Like these - and I´m always weak for pics with dogs! :-)

  4. WOW! These are gorgeous!! I love them all. Especially that sunrise.


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