Monday, January 16, 2012

Winter Wonderland...

A well known park through a fish-eye...
and then, she {snapped}


  1. Gotta say, the fish eye is tres cool. And the Scripture is a great compliment to the winter photos.

  2. love these! I want a fish eye lens! and a wide angle lens, but whatever...I'll just keep wanting them. : )

    how far is tillicum from tacoma? we should get together sometime! what do you say?

  3. I LOVE that barn, the color are amazing. The fish eye is so cool. Great captures! Thank you for sharing. What is the name of the park you went to? I live near Seattle and love the explore the state. I would love to put it on my list :o).

  4. Oooooh...loving the lens Christina!! So fun! The colours of your photos are gorgeous. Thanks for linking up girlie! :)

  5. very beautiful, love the fish-eye efect, Christina ...

  6. This is a great post!! I love all these images ... your dog is adorable, and the barn is amazing!
    It's the perfect scripture, to go along with it, too! Such promise!!
    P.S. Always wanted to try a fish eye lens! :)


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