Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year

I slacked a bit over the weekend with all the 'celebratory' events happening and didn't put up an instagram post on Saturday. So, I thought I'd just pick my favorite of the week (and fitting for today) and post it here.


You aren't going to find the "typical" new years goal post on this blog today because frankly I haven't even whittled my list down into something manageable or bloggable yet. Everything I've been doing this last week or so I have found myself saying "Oh I should do this better in the new year"... I wish I'd made a note of it somewhere... maybe asked Siri to remind me... Because all of those things are now a muddled mess in my brain.

But. Exactly one week ago I turned 28. I think through most of my psychology background "Adolescence" is supposed to have ended (whatever that is anyway... haven't we only had "adolescence" since the 80's? But I think that's a blog post for another day) 

So my new years goals are all narrowed down into simply being a "grown-up" (At least the idea of grown-up that I've contrived in my head). Don't get me wrong. I still like comic books, watching Disney movies... doing all the stuff "only kids are supposed to"... but I just need to be more responsible. More aware of what I'm doing every minute of the day. I feel like SO much time is wasted doing, doing, doing. And, yet - I can't really tell you what I've gotten done. 

So. As those goals emerge I'll relay them to you. Perhaps I'll start my new "50x50" or.... big "13x13" on this blog so as to feel like I "have to" hold myself accountable.

We'll see... Until then, I'm ringing in the new year with a freshly cleaned house (goal), a hot cup of coffee and a comic book.

Happy New Year.


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