Friday, December 30, 2011

Friday Photo Shoot: A Mother's Love

The story began (well... it began a long time ago) but on this little blog the story began a few weeks ago when I got to check a new item off of my "bucket list" (although I hope to NOT kick the bucket at 50... see the left side of the blog) Then it continued when I got to post the first half of this little cuties photo shoot with his proud daddy (my brother). Unfortunately my sister-in-law was sick and couldn't make it to our little photo-shoot (she even missed a baby shower poor thing!) So we had some significant catching up to do. I am super happy to finally get to post some photos of the three of them together and the precious "Mother's love" photos as well. I hope that these are as much of a blessing to them as it was a blessing for me to photograph them.

I suppose the following pictures are what you get when the house doesn't stop with a newborn... This little guy insisted on sneaking into the photos... pretty incognito, don't you think?


  1. Very intimate shots. The first one is my favorite and conveys your image really, really well. I don't have that talent for portrait photography at all.

  2. Wonderful and emotional photos...overflowing with love.

  3. I especially love the first shot! But then that adorable Batman DID steal the show!


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