Thursday, January 5, 2012

Thankful Thursday: Self Disclosure

Honesty. That's what I'm thankful for today. When I was in middle school I was 5 feet 11 inches and sometimes known as "Christinka"... can you imagine? I've started volunteering with middle school students now because I can remember what that was like. Even though there were days/weeks/months that I thought I was enjoying middle school life - now that I'm an adult there's not an amount in the world that you could pay me that would make me want to return there. So, I learned at a young age its better to have a STRONG sense of humor and to let things easily roll off of your back instead of fretting over everything that is said. I mean, if I had a nickel for every time someone used the term "BIG" instead of "TALL" or stopped me in the store to say "Dang girl! Do you play basketball??"... Not even Bill Gates could touch me.

And, if you so happen to be "short" and you're reading this blog... One of those other things I've heard is "Oh! You're so lucky to be tall... I've always wanted to be tall!" Well, as far as I was concerned, growing up - tall people always finished last. The short girls became the cheerleaders. The short girls always took the tall guys (likely because of cheerleader/athlete combinations). The short girls were cuter because they weren't taller than EVERY. GUY. IN. SCHOOL. by 6th grade. It took until my senior year of high school for guys to hit a growth spirt over summer break and come back to school taller than I was.

All that to say - today is a bit of self disclosure. Honesty. Me.

I've grown 2 inches since Middle School - making me a grand total of 6'1. Aside from being feared on the basketball and volleyball court when I ran out for warm-ups (if only skill and coordination had measured up)... Did you know there's much to be thankful for?

Tall people live longer
Intellect increases with height
Tall people make more money (approx. 3.5-5.5% MORE PER INCH!)

or so says ARIANNE COHEN (6'3")

So. I guess you could say I've learned to embrace my "big"ness. :)
Happy Thursday to you (it's almost the weekend!)
and then, she {snapped}


  1. Oh how neat!! I have a son who is 6'2. I think it's really neat.

    Beautiful picture!!

    And much to be thankful for...always.

  2. Love your picture - I am thankful for tall people, because sometimes I have trouble reaching the tippy top of the grocery store shelves when things get pushed wayyy back! ; )

  3. What a great picture.

    Junior high is awful. There's always something that makes us unsure of ourselves. F

  4. tall people want to be shorter...short people want to be taller. the curly haired girl wants straight hair and vice versa! :)

    God has us just how He wants us. have i ever told you my hair has a RED tint to it? RED?! what was He thinking? ah...but I LOVE HIM! :D

  5. I love authenticity and it's so cool to read the honest heart of someone on their blog. I can remember the way kids teased me in junior high too. Funny how those memories stick. But yes, so much to be thankful for as we grow comfortable in our own skin. :) You're beautiful!

  6. I love tall girls. Especially those with a sense of humor! Have I ever told you that I still hang up the "huggle toe" sign you made for the journalism room Christmas of your senior year? Fond memories of you--every year!

  7. That is a beautiful portrait of you! I'm so glad that you are able to mentor middle school kids. That is the most difficult age! My daughter is at that age and she is tall but she revels in it, probably because she is homeschooled and has never been teased about it. I talk with her unflinchingly about every subject that she asks me about and tell her stories from my awkward childhood. I wish that I had someone who I could really confide in when I was her age. It helps so much to know that other people have gone through the same thing and have come out safely on the other side.

  8. You are so beautiful and that is a lovely photo! I'm glad you have embraced your height. I always felt big when I was young because I was the very last person in line for school pictures every year of elementary school. So I was the tallest in my class for a long time. But I guess I was just an early grower because I only ended up at 5'6". My younger son's doctor said if you follow his growth chart to adulthood he will be 6'6". I'm thinking he must be an early grower too, because I really don't think he'll reach that estimate! It's so nice that you speak to middle school kids. Such a tough time!

  9. growing up can have its painful memories.
    i used to be called 'goat' cos i have a long chin and many a boy teased me about my curly hair that used to frizz up during the rains!
    regardless, there is always a lesson to learn :)
    that is a lovely shot of you

  10. you're a beautiful tall girl! I'm 5 8 1/2, but I used to say I was 5 ft 9 (i was lying). My husband is tall (6 ft 5) and my kids are pretty much the tallest in their classes too. My niece is just about 6 ft tall right now (in 7th grade)

    thanks so much for showing off your shot.


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