Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Liquid Snow

I got myself caught in the rain again yesterday. I should have learned my lesson last winter when I was determined to catch the raindrop photo and instead - just caught cold. I feel ok so far though so hopefully no sniffles come of my photography adventure. 
Such is the life of a wanna-be photographer; making herself look peculiar for the sake of a photo. I'm just glad no one was around (I think) to watch me lie on the wet dock in order to snag a few shots with my (expensive) camera looming just inches above the surface of the water. (hubs wouldn't think this was one of my smarter moves - and it reminds me that I need to put insurance on my photo equipment!)

None the less I captured these three shots amongst close to a hundred that I snapped (God bless digital)

I'm a Washington girl for sure and I love the rain. I have to learn to embrace it because I think it's the closest thing we're going to get to snow this season. 

and then, she {snapped}


  1. Wow! I think it was well worth the effort. I would LOVE to get some shots like this. With my slow shutter speed I'd have to take about 50 before I managed to time it right or luck won out.
    :-) Awesome shots!

  2. I love the rain too. I'm hoping we dont get any snow this year. Last year's fiasco in the NY and Chicago storms were enough for a while. :) There is something so cozy about a rainy day. HJ and I walked in the house from the rain and I had to get sweatpants on right away in order to relish the coziness!

  3. Don't love the rain, except for when we're put on water rationing in California! But it makes for beautiful pics. I love your 2nd pic! Wishing you many stunning pics for this New Year!

  4. Oh, I like those pictures and I'm a huge fan of the rain too! Great job capturing the moment. :)

  5. These are so gorgeous.

  6. My hubby is constantly after me to not take cameras out in the elements. I never listen either :) Great captures, love the last one with the splash.

  7. My daughter said she really wants it to snow tonight so she can miss school tomorrow...don't think that's going to happen! I don't mind the rain, unless I'm running errands, getting in and out of the car, etc...


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