Friday, February 10, 2012

Friday Photo Shoot

This is the trouble with keeping my work on several different computers. Checked one for the photo shoot I'd done with the sweet little babe that follows - and they weren't there... figured, maybe I put them on the work computer... Well... sort of. The first half at least. We split this session over two days so I guess I'll split the posts as well. The other half of the photos must be on the THIRD computer (laptop).

I was looking through my "Friday Photo Shoots" the other day, trying to compile all the work I'd done "for pay" and I couldn't find this session posted anywhere. I couldn't believe this ADORABLE little lady had been left out. So this session is a bit older but her cheeks are still totally squeezable...

(Also - I've compiled all the work I've done "semi-professionally" and it can be found by clicking my business card in the left sidebar... Until I get a little more professional that is.)

linking up with "you capture" for the photo above on the right.


  1. She is soooo cute!
    One day she will be happy to have these images!
    - Happy weekend!

  2. so cuute
    that penguin hat is absolutely adorable

  3. Oh my goodness! How adorable...great pics!

  4. Oh how I love these shots! What a cutie! And the hat just makes it in the first the funny face she is making in the one where she is trying so hard to pull her hat off. Haha! Great job!!


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