Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The rest of it... via iPhone.

most photos originally posted to my instagram feed: @chrisklas or online.
NapTime MomTog

 then, she {snapped}


  1. Fun pics, I´d love to go too! :-)

  2. You did it! You got away! So happy for you two. Oh that pic of In-N-Out was enough to make me want to move back to Cali! PS- How do you like living in Washington? Hope you are doing well and feeling refreshed after your vacay!

    1. Hello!! Yes! We did finally get a chance to get away - while Disneyland is a BLAST... it's not the most relaxing vacation... next time we'll just have to lay on the beach or something. :) As far as Washington goes - I LOOOOVE it here... (usually). This spring/winter/fall has been an especially LONG grey season and I'm ready for some sun - which is why we were pretty disappointed that it poured down rain in Anaheim last week. :) But at least it meant for good memories and SHORT ride lines. :) Hope you are doing well also!!


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