Monday, September 24, 2012

Nikki | Senior Portraits

This girl.

Some years ago - a few of our 8th grade students [in the youth group my husband leads] invited friends to church. One of them was Nikki. Since that time Nikki and I have become fast friends. 

Two unlikely friends I guess. Our day started on Saturday with a stop at Starbucks. Another man inside stopped. pointed. and said, "You guys aren't really friends are you?"
What kind of question is that? Just because Nikki may be around 5 feet and I'm over 6.1' ... well - I guess we are an odd pair. But perhaps that's what makes us so much alike?

Anyhow, Not only do I get to know her through youth group - but Nikki is also a budding photographer herself! Last year when I went on one of my first photo shoots I brought her along as a "second shooter/set of hands" and she's been on a few more with me since then. 

I am blessed. there is no other way to put it. to have this young lady in my life. and 100% honored that she would have me take her senior pictures.

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