Wednesday, January 16, 2013

life in pictures

...instagram pictures at least... a little glimpse at the randomness I've been up to lately.

Someday - I'm gonna have a home that has space on the wall from something like this... can you believe it? There is NO SPACE on my walls... rather - my home is little and there are no walls big enough - and uninterrupted by sliding glass doors, windows or book cases [we have a lot of bookcases]. What I really need is a massive house with lots of rooms so I can decorate each one [somehow for free] and then by the time I'm finished with the last one - I'll be able to come back to the first one and start over. Call me crazy - but that sounds glorious.
& on instagram @chrisklas

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  1. Nice collage - and I don´t think that´s a crazy thought at all, I could do the same! :-)


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