Thursday, January 24, 2013

Therapy Thursday : Supposed To

That is such a dirty word... Can anyone tell me a positive use for the words "supposed to"? ... Perhaps one of you will be able to come up with it but in my head - all it means is

I am supposed to
love my neighbor
keep a clean house
get to work on time
love my children
have children
own a home
have a steady career
be a good Christian
love the Lord
read my Bible
correspond with long distance friends
submit to my husband
eat healthy
help my dog lose weight
blah blah blah

All of those are great things! But I'm "supposed" to? ... I get bogged down in what I'm supposed to do... a list of tasks and "to dos" that my heart fails to feel the whimsy in doing things because I love to do them.

and THEN.... [and where this post originated from] is when I tell myself all of the things I was suppose to have lined up by the time I turned 30 and that's a lot to get done in 11 months. I am who I am because I was created this way - knit together in my mother's womb - handmade with love - I'm not "supposed to" be anything... but me.

So can we eliminate that word from our vocab? Can we just get rid of it? I have been thinking about it for days and I honestly can't think of how I would use it in a positive way.

I don't want to "supposed to" do anything [that makes sense]. I want to do it out of love and whimsy.

I want to spend time with my husband & go to arcades & book stores & coffee shops & pizza parlors... cause I'm supposed to?

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