Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Whimsy. God. & Bob Goff.

"He's already got my picture in his wallet"...

That's such a great line. Speaks volumes to the love and care God has for me. has for you. I can just see him... 

"You want to see my kids?! I've got their pictures right here!"

As Bob Goff puts it - whimsy isn't silliness - it's like smelling rain in the air. 
an anticipation of something about to happen - a life lived with tingling expectancy. 

That's what I need in my life. A bit of Whimsy. I'm caught up in what I'm "supposed" to be or do [more on that dirty word tomorrow] that I forget to feel the goosebumps. I get caught up in the big stuff that I forget to capture the sun on my cheek or fresh rain that's falling after weeks of dry weather [in washington of all places!] 

It's not what I do that makes God love me. It's not the big things I accomplish, the big house that I own or the beautiful kids I raise. 

He already thinks I'm swell. He's got my picture in His wallet. 

God is about the stillness. The here. The now.
 The whimsy that draws others in and changes their busy. Their someplace else and their then. 

And just to further emphasize... If you haven't heard of him - his name's Bob Goff - and reading his book & hearing him speak - changed my perspective on life. 

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