Tuesday, May 3, 2011

New things

I love new stuff. Especially when it's new to me but antique to everyone else.

1. A friend and I ventured up to Bremerton last weekend and I purchased a new dresser and coat rack. Every time I step into my bedroom I am overwhelmed with how happy these purchases make me. It's like the part of the old cartoon version of "The Sword and the Stone" when the wizard magically cleans the dishes and puts everything in it's place. Someone did that in my room! Now I can see the floor! haha.... (there are things I shouldn't admit to the world - like how messy I am behind closed doors)

2. A vase I purchased at the store in Bremerton is now home to some fresh Tulips I bought at Pike's Place in Seattle. Every home is made better by fresh flowers.

3. Often I find it easier to purchase something new than it is to find whatever it is that I lost. I lose EVERYTHING. If my head weren't attached I'd go around without it. I have purchased quite a few new things in order to replace those that were lost... (makes me think I should start losing other things of which I am not so fond...)

4. I need to purchase a new memory card for my camera and a new memory card reader for my lap-top. Have you ever been so tired that you found the remote control in the freezer? That's what I'm worried about. I can't find those two things anywhere. I distinctly remember saying "I'm tired - I should put that in my bag or I'm going to forget it". A smart photographer would have multiple copies and I do! However my ancient Nikon won't accept any of my memory cards that are more than 2GB. So the million other cards I have don't work.....

All that is said to prepare you for the fact that this photo isn't a new thing. I snapped this photo a few weeks ago - it is a Tillicum Photo, but not a daily - so my apologies! Back at it as soon as I purchase new things. (which means that shortly after, I will find the old ones)


  1. Ha ha! My husband put the remote control in the pantry before! I once found a glass of milk in the closet. And I'm happy to say that neither one of these incidents was done by me :) I really like the treatment of this photo.

  2. Absolutely stunning. Really, an incredible shot.


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