Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sky Blue: Birds of a Feather

Alright. I know, I know... I’ve already used the color blue. And I loved that post. But to be honest I should have used something more like prussian blue or midnight blue... Those would have been a little more accurate. (Plus I really wanted to post this Eagle photo...)

There’s nothing like sitting in the sunshine and “bird watching” out on American Lake. The husband and I counted Eagles and we know that there are at least three because that’s how many circled around the deck (trying to get the meat off the grill? Trying to snatch up the puppy?) We watched one Eagle scout out some food and make a dive down towards the water (the hubs says Eagles can see up to 100 ft. into the water... truth? That’s craziness. And to think - they developed these abilities by chance - [note heavy sarcasm here])

our proximity to Joint Base Lewis McChord (less than .5 miles) makes the above site a familiar one.


  1. Love that eagle shot... no wonder you wanted 'blue' back! We didn't come from slime on the seashore... did we??

  2. Awesome eagle shot! We don't have many of those here in South Louisiana, but I did see one not too long ago. I pulled over on the interstate to get a picture but it didn't come out good because it was soooo far away. What a beautiful bird!


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