Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Cutest Little Baby Face

Alright. Raise your hand if you want to just squeeze this kid? If you're raising your hand you can get in line - cause I call first dibs. Is he not the cutest thing you've ever seen? (moms out there - don't be biased, this kid is cute! I say that and he's not even mine! - although I don't have any of my own so I couldn't be biased even if I wanted to)

Hellllllllloooo baby blues!

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the long road
On another note... I've been asked by a friend who stumbled upon my blog to create for her an image with a verse that she can then have printed on canvas. She wants to put it in the room that she will be using to homeschool her children. How fun is that?? I told her that the idea of my work hanging in someone else's home was super intriguing. She responded, "I'd love to tell people that I have an original Christina Klas hanging in my home" 
(good grief - that sounds morbid if you read that line over again...)

But what a fun adventure!! Can't wait to see if I can live up to my side of the deal and create something beautiful!


  1. Those are the cutest little chubby cheeks! Congrats on the photography project.

  2. I'm sure you will create something great! And he is adorbs!

  3. awesome about the image for a friend! yes, he's totally cute...those cheeks!

  4. Such gorgeous eyes! Precious! How exciting to create a work for a friend!

  5. Adorable shots, and good for you about creating art for your friend. It's validating,yes? That someone not only sees and appreciates your work, but wants to have it as a reminder in their home...nice. Very big deal.

  6. Adorable adorable! Oh, those eyes! :)
    Yayyy, congratulations on having your lovely work displayed :)

  7. You are right. I do want to squeeze that baby! So adorable! I tell my daughter all the time that I want to "squish her like a bug" and she knows that what I mean is that she is so adorable that I just want to hug her and hug her. - Love those lashes! Gorgeous!

  8. how special to have your work displayed in someone's home!!! congratulations! your photos are wonderful. those eyes are amazing. i want to squeeze his cheeks too! :D i love, love, love the B&W photo.


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