Monday, August 29, 2011

No Wake

In life I get comfortable with my surroundings. Don't you? And when I'm not comfortable - I seek that comfort wherever I can find it - buying a new house, buying more stuff etc... I believe, especially in America, we've got this whole "comfort" thing down to a fine art. We skate trough life living it the way we see fit and do our best, for the most part, not to disturb or offend others. 

I know in my own life it's easier to get through life with my head down, so to speak... then reach out with others and start a conversation that could potentially turn them away. Politics and Religion... the two things you're not supposed to bring up in conversation right? 

I snapped this photo on my recent little canoe trip. It's the perfect example. Plastered right in our lives - as a rule - a No Wake zone. "Don't cause a ripple... Don't make a scene... Don't be uncomfortable..." 

I want to be more like John. When I see Jesus coming I want to shout it out: 
"Behold the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world."
John 1:29

How do I fight against the urge to squelch that? I guess I decided a little while ago that I was going to make this blog a little less about me and a little more about what God does THROUGH me... I'm just a vessel. Trying to make it through life and if this blog causes a ripple, well then so be it. I know I've enjoyed finding so many others out there who feel the same way and it is a joy to follow along with the ways God is using them. 

You know what's the best part about what John said in verse 29? .... Just a few verses later was this response: 
"When the two disciples heard him say this - THEY FOLLOWED JESUS..." v.37

That's so badly what I want. I don't always live that way. I fail at it more often than not. But I desire it. If I can make myself a little more uncomfortable a little more often I bet it wouldn't be so hard. 

I want to shout it out that "LOOK! I see Jesus!" And others will want to follow along.

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  1. very good...great thoughts! love the picture too. :)

  2. Amen to that! I'm often in a 'no wake zone' and need to get out there more to rock my boat and make a splash for Him!

  3. What a great message - I once felt the same way, but we should hold our heads high and spread the word!

  4. This is a great thought. WE all like the idea of "awake my soul", but honestly, who among us really enjoys being awakened? This was really great :)


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