Friday, September 9, 2011

American Football in Mexico

What a beautiful spot. This is why people get married: Vacation. Love. And I LOVED the vacation. There’s nothing like sticking your toes in the sand.

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Or watching the waves crash from the balcony of your hotel room.
Or watching football. You could find us in the Hotel sports-bar often that week. There are people who schedule their weddings during the off-season so as to not miss a game... There are husbands who sneak the view of the game while the wife wants to do something else - fancy restaurants and the like. Then there are couples like us - who schedule their weddings during the season so that we can always watch a game together while celebrating the best day of our lives.
I'm loving remembering all of this. What a fun time. I have the worst memory known to man... So if I didn't have pictures this whole part of my life would just be a blur. 



  1. Ahhh gorgeous holiday photos! Was this your honeymoon then? Congratulations if it was! How lovely! Thanks for stopping by the blog today. Glad you liked the Kari Jobe clip. What a legacy Lakewood has given to Christian music as well (I'm assuming you live in THE Lakewood, although there could of course be more than one in the States!)

  2. wow. where were you staying? that second photo is so beautiful. what a gorgeous vacation location.

  3. Love the photos... and love knowing I'm not the only one with a memory like a sieve!

  4. love the honeymoon pics :) it's lovely that both of you are football fans, my husband is one too and he's educating me in the game, he loves college football too!

  5. Gorgeous photos, I bet you had the best trip ever!

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