Thursday, September 8, 2011

Anniversary Edition

First off.... push pause if you're like me and can't stand automatic music in someone's blog. :) But I had to post this because it's the song that should have been in our slideshow - but realized too late that the laptop couldn't hook up to the speakers at the reception hall... So... in honor of my guitar-skilled husband... A little Stevie Ray Vaughan.

When I was a teenager and I sat in bed and cried because the man of the hour didn’t like me as much as I liked him I remember looking out my window at the stars that shone right onto my bed. I spent hours curled up in that spot... journaling, wishing, praying and trying to understand the tumultuous mess that is adolescence. I always ended up telling myself.... “I thought that guy was pretty good. I don’t understand why it won’t work out... God, you must have someone waiting for me that is better than I could ever expect”. But I don't know that I really believed it.

Why I never had a boyfriend was my biggest frustration in as a teen (well... to be frank, the reason in middle school was because there was more Christinka then the world could handle)... but high school... that was another story. I moved from awkward and oafish (I was 5’11 in 7th grade - talk about giant... yeesh) to homecoming queen my senior year. Still, no boyfriends. I thought it was painful then - but couldn’t be more grateful now.

Four years ago today I stood in front of family and friends and said “I do” to my first boyfriend, my best friend, the one who was “better than I could expect”... and I love him more today than ever before. I thank God in the good times and the bad - that his plan is so far above my own. He knows what he’s doing and he shows us just how good he is if we are willing to wait for the result.

Also... I (obviously) can’t take credit for any of these photos... All credit is due to Abe Clary Creative Portraits.


  1. Sigh! It's just like a fairy tale. Happy Anniversary :) here's to many more years of happiness and joy

  2. This is why you're in youth ministry, and also why you're so good at it! (Kevin too) You knew what you meant to your creator enough to wait it out for the one perfect person God had planned for you! What a testimony to the youth! Happy Anniversary!

  3. fantastic joyride...nice captures!

  4. Looks like a major fun wedding. Happy anniversary! It's my hubs and I ninth wedding anniversary today :)


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